Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It's hard to believe this cute little munchkin is turning 12!

She loves being a big sister
Kissing frogs
Ice cream on a hot summer day
Fishing holes
Slippery slides
and horses to
Making bubbles by the hundreds
And SNAKES for goodness sakes
Going through pictures tugs on the old heart strings seeing how this child has changed through out the years. Two of my favorite memories of McKaela was after she had gotten her first Barbie doll that had come with the little brush and comb( the size of a toothpick) as to which she proceeded to give her Grampa Dennis a new 'hair do' standing up behind him on the bed trying to comb his hair, just a picture in my mind that never got captured on film. Mac was a real Wallace and Grommet fan when she was little. When ever Wallace would get cheese he would bring his hands up to the side of his face in excitement so when ever Mac wanted cheese she would bring her hands up to the side of her face wiggling them back and forth saying "cheese please". She holds a special place in our hearts. Happy Birthday Toadie

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This is the most amazing picture I think I have ever taken, the actual moment of birth. What a thrill it was to watch and be part of thanks Kari for letting us share the miracle!

Highlights from birthdays past


Nothing better than a sugar high!

I like to eat my watermelons from the outside in


The Fairy Princess stops in her tracks as the sinister stare of the ogre falls upon her Who you calling a Fairy??

Frosting makeup its the new thing.

Paige having fun with Payton

Receiving First Pumpkin from Dad I love how she looks at him

These thoughts came about the day of Dad's funeral while the family gathered around his grave to visit. I noticed Paige had gone off by herself standing under a big tree, she acted like she was talking to someone. I figured she had become frightened because she could not see her Mom, Kyle had started to notice her odd behavior also, when I approached her she did not want anything to do with me and pushed me away, she wanted to be left alone so I did, I continued to watch her has she had a conversation.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Anniversary Sis!

Dave & Janette
39 years
of marriage!
I still remember our dresses
they had little white fuzzy daisies

Sylvia (Dave's sis) , Pam, Mardell (Friends of Net's), Cheryl, Sue(Dave's other sis) , Me, Ina Denice

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mega Scrapper

This has to be the largest scrapbook page ever! This was done by my talented DIL Kari she is really into scrap-booking. She put this saying up on her wall and it is stink-in cute! She is also trying to start a little business you can check it out at
Hopefully I can post some of the cute pages she has done for me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dad's Old Boots

Kacy took this picture of my Dad's old work boots. I remember him going to buy boots and getting such a good deal on them. He would tell everyone that " This is the last pair of boots I will ever have to buy" I wonder what he would think of them now with flowers growing out of them?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

"Meet Me In The Pumpkin Patch"

This is one of the poems that I wrote after my dad died,
the sunset that is in the background is a picture that
I took at the end of our 2006 party.
It was a beautiful sunset to end our day with,
not knowing at the time it would be the
last pumpkin party that we would have with Dad.
I planted the 2008 seeds shortly after Father's Day this year
I thought I was doing okay but then for one brief moment I
remembered the times with Dad then the tears came.
"Rest your sweet old soul"

Punkin-Pic-In Parties

First Party





Mom with her punkin-pickers

Garden pictures

Harvesting the Sunflowers

One of the cutest things we got out of the garden was this little fat red chick
Garden Angels to ward off weeds and racoon's

I had gotten over to the garden one early morning and took some amazing pictures of the sunflowers. I love to grow them, once I harvest them I use them in baskets, or on wreaths but my favorite thing to do is put them out in the yard and watch the birds that come to feed on them.

One year I planted Morning Glory along with the Sunflower seeds the Morning Glory would wind itself up the stock of the sunflowers adding beautiful color along the way

The Garden

While the house was still under construction Dad wanted to start his garden. Which was a good idea it would keep him busy and keep him from climbing up on ladders trying to get the best views from the attic window. As you can see from the next picture we still wonder how he got up there, but once there what a great picture moment! Many hours Mom and I would spend with him each year planning what and where to plant. So in the year 2003 we had our first punkin-pic-in party small in scale it was my grandchildren only after that we expanded to include all Mom and Dad's great-grandchildren.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Nolan!!

Happy 11th Birthday Nolan.
You are a thinker, you are good at sports, you are a good brother and a awesome cousin, but most of all you are a great kid!!
Love Gramps & Grams
(PS Hope Kari does not mind that I stole a picture from her blog it was such a great picture)