Sunday, February 5, 2017

Onaqui Mountain Wild Horses

Another wonderful day out in the west desert with the wild ones in
 early October they were easy to find on this day.

This pretty lady soon became my favorite and as long as she let me take her picture I did!

Friday, January 20, 2017

The Chill Of Winter

Trying to embrace winter and all it has to offer all though 
with  deep snow and freezing temperatures it has been difficult
 thrown in with  a virus that  took about  2 weeks out of me.

This little bit of wildlife happened in the back yard 
didn't need to put on snow gear at all just opened a window and clicked !

Monday, January 9, 2017

Wild Horses of Utah

I never thought I would be a fan of the desert
 but I have come to love the one that holds the wild horses of Utah.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pun-kin-Pic-in Party 2016

We changed the location of the party this year and had it at our place since my pumpkin  garden died that I planted at my Moms I decided  that it would be easier to have it here.
My niece Cali brought some creepy feeler cup for the kids
 to try and  guess what each cup contained.
 Kacy my daughter had a pumpkin ring toss game 
if you tossed the  pumpkin cookie cutter onto of a pop bottle you got to keep the pop. 
We had crafts for the kids to make. 
 We had a pumpkin treasure hunt we  hid all the pumpkins around the yard for the kids to find.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mom's Bucket List Part 2

Getting my mom out on an adventure was my goal and boy did we have one. 
 For the first time in my life I was using a  navigation system. 
What I hoped to gain from using such technology was a sense of  freedom to go and not get lost (right) but more importantly to learn left  from right! Um neither happened.  We were barely into our trip when the navigation started telling me to turn around even though I knew I was on the right road.
  We kept driving and it insisted that  I make a U turn and go back. Why ? Was there  road construction ahead or detour ? 
Of course it  won't tell you that. 
 So  I finally pulled of the  road and called Dennis  to see why it was telling me I was going the wrong way.  
He reassured me we were going  the right way.
So on our merry way we went.
On one of the days on our world trip adventure we decided to go to  Dead Horse point.
 My father-in-law Art said "It was worth the trip" 
So with that in mind we went
 trusting the navigation system would not steer me wrong again. 
Navigation comes on and it tells me to make a left I am pretty sure I did it right.  
Then as we continue the  pavement ends which we all thought it was weird but in the 
 back of my mind I could hear  Art. 
Then the  road got a little more bumpy but my sister who was in the back got the real map out and said" I think we are on the right road."  
We kept driving and driving the road was getting worse.
 Finally we stopped when there was a sign that said PUCKER PASS.
Immediately we all thought  this does not sound good. 
Denice and I got out to look over the cliff at the road we thought we were supposed to go  down,
  this can't be right we kept saying
 but I could still here the voice of Art saying 
 "It was worth the trip"  

So who do I call this time? 
 ONSTAR they can find you no matter what! 
I reached up and pushed my life line button, a nice lady came on I told her our situation.
 She zeroed in on us and confirms my fear we are on the right road and that we needed to go down  PUCKER PASS!
 I told her I think they call it PUCKER PASS for a good reason!
That is crazy!
 My mom says "I am walking" she was not going down the  narrow switch back road "no way no how."
So we turned around thinking we will miss seeing Dead Horse Point. 
Back we go on the bumpy road which I know is hard on my mom. 
When I see two dirt bikers. I will ask them if we are on the  right road.
  They informed me we took the wrong turn  an that we would not have made it going  down PUCKER PASS.
So back up to the main road  going right  not left and it was worth the drive.

 On our return trip back home Dennis told me of a little ghost town I could get to relatively easy
 20 minutes out of our way to find it.   
This will be fun we all thought.
Once again I turned  left when I should of turned right. 
After about an  hour or so , passing by lots of  no trespassing signs
 I finally found a  farmer and asked him where the ghost town was, 
 he directed me back the way we  came. 
 Once again an off road bumpy  adventure 
with my mom holding on tight. 

We finally found Sego.
  After stopping and taking  pictures we met up with a group of  people
 I asked them if it was worth the drive going further up the  mountain. 
"Yes " was the reply. 
 My first mistake was not asking  how long of a drive it was and what the road was like.  
But life is an adventure and we all  said let's do it.
So after hours of driving we decided we needed to head back home. 
So our 4 hour trip back home turned into a 8 hour adventure
It was worth the trip

Thompson Spring