Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Photos Of The Day

In between sawdust and dirt I have been able to fit a few football and soccer games in. 
 AJ, Evan and Paige are participating in team sports again this season.

Noah helping with half time with his painted face and his Scottish kilt on.


Little Miss Khloe
These are some of our new neighbors that come and visit at least once a day. 
Eating some bugs along the way is helpful for sure.

We have also suffered our first loss from the farmyard,
 Dennis  found that our mother hen had been killed by a dog. 
 Her baby chicks seem to be doing well on their own.

Ever since Kyleigh found out that the mother hen was killed she has been bound and determined to catch one of those chicks.  Well last night she finally succeeded after many attempts  she finally was able to hold one. I just wish I would have recorded all the  squealing that took place as she has learned that baby chicks can run very fast.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Photos of the Day

Despite the heat,  neglect and the water restrictions the garden seems to have hung  in and survived with out us this summer. 

With work continuing at the log house we have made some progress most of which  is unseen. Dennis has been in the crawl space of the  home  jacking  floors up and fixing water damage and leaks.  When the  dust and decisions get to be to much  for me I go outside and prune back trees and thin the over growth and take pictures of the chickens.
I have managed to get some painting done and got tile picked out for the upstairs bathroom.

I had to set up the camera on tripod and hide behind the door to get these pictures
and as you can tell old mama hen is keeping  her watchful eyes 
on me.