Friday, December 20, 2013

North On Angel Street

We all have been sitting and waiting for this time to come
 the kitchen space is finally ready for cabinets!

Cabinets have been installed countertop will be finished today. 

We have been so busy that  we have had to hire out some of the snow removal off the property . Nothing like good hired help.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

North on Angel Sreet

It has been a long time since  cracked  out  the camera for something other than the remodeling projects on Angel Street but within  a course of a couple of hours I was able to capture some birds that were visiting.
All though most would hide when this one showed up.

The art of disguise .

Saturday, November 30, 2013


fill the space in your
that you never knew was
Susan Winget

Thursday, November 28, 2013

North On Angel Street

Update on the remodeling project.
 I have been refinishing bathroom vanities with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
I went for a distressed look will have a picture of them soon!

Tile floors are down in kitchen and master bath.
Kitchen cabinet color samples, loving the red.
Starting to feel like it is finally coming together.
When the sun goes down on Angel Street you can get some beautiful colors.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Smack in the MiDDle

North On Angel Street
Slowly but surely work has gone forth on the house.
  I have had a love hate relationship with this place at times.
 Here are some pictures of the progress we have made.
This is the upstairs bathroom.
We have refinished the cabinets, put down floor tile and tiled around the toilet,  new light fixture,  faucet and paint on the walls.
And after a crash course on how to grout
my son in law Brent  came over an got the  grouting done for us. (yeah)

The great room. 
 We have had painters in reviving the logs cleaning, re-sealing and making  a world of difference on how they look.
  I guess you could say they have been
*spit polish n shined*
I went with a  gray green color on most of the walls with white on everything else.
The stairs were originally wrapped with carpet  and we decided to finish them out with wood and once again the painters did a great  job in matching  the stain colors with the rest f the place.
My father in law spent a few nights helping with the  new wood work on the staircase.
 Thank you Dad you have been a big help to us on many of our house projects.
  Your  carpentry skills will be appreciated for years to come.

The kitchen.
We extend the wall to give more privacy to the bathroom.
Enlarged the window above the sink and turned the larger kitchen window into a sliding lass door with a great view of the back yard.


Laundry room.
 The door replaced with a window.

Master bedroom,  closet and  bathroom.
We finished the  closet off with sheet rock enlarged shower got rid of one of the vanities




On to the next step.